John Sposito, (also known as Giannini Sposito), is an Italian composer and artist that he works as a composer for various animated series and films by Mondo TV.


John Sposito was born in Rome on January 14, 1958. Since John was two years old, he was already playing with his “little white piano” all day, immortalized by M° Umberto Signa, in watercolor caricature. Then he studied piano with M° Maria Grasso in Rome.

During that period, he continued to compose music for films and documentaries on nature, history and science for the television series, “Geo & Geo” and for Fidia Bioskin (Dermosphere, Ouroboros) which had worldwide exposure and won important international awards. He wrote the music for both two shows, “FREE K2” for Mountain Wilderness and “Le Alpi di Messner” from RAI TV.


He also composed many soundtracks from various animated films and animated series which includes, Simba the King Lion, The Story of Cinderella and many more.

Filmography & Discography


Television Series


  • UNICEF: Cartoons for Children's Rights
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