Iena is the antagonist in the Simba the King Lion series; he's also Shere Khan's main henchman.


He started out as a wild, vicious hyena when he took away Simba as a baby cub and killed Buckshot's mother in cold blood, but he gradually became more of a dastardly punching bag of Shere Khan. Although a common trait is when he tends to laugh a lot, even in the midst of chaos. He is also regarded as dumb and stupid by Shere Khan and other animals. He happens to be nearly capable of handling small tasks, and is very mischievous; on one occasion, he was able to carry forth the blackmail to a rhino named Ronco by holding his son, Noah, prisoner. Unfortunately, his plan failed, and was treated as a moron like always.

In the third series, he seems to have more an assertive nature, though still a coward as usual; by Shere Khan's return, he was able to forcefully command a group of monkeys and hyenas during their harsh training. He later decided to become a spy/impostor for his enemies, posing as Fox in his disguise.

Later he had a meeting with Shere Khan in a sealed cave as he made an alliance with the sorceress, Maya. He later met up with a vulture and a snake, and they wanted to carry their master plan on eliminating the young prince in a soccer match. With Maya disguised as an ugly vulture, she led the way. Later the tournament began and he and the Devils of the Jungle lost to Ari and the Jungle Team. He was relieved to no longer serve under Maya, but along with Shere Khan they were banished after he tried to make a peace offering by Winner and his group.


Iena/Kurdy is a white hyena with black spots and stripes. He has long, brown hair, a brown snout, brown legs, and a long, black tail.



  • He's called Kurdy in the English dub of Simba the King Lion, and also known as Vegan in the English dub of Winner and the Golden Child.
  • He could be inspired by the three hyenas from The Lion King.
  • He is a striped hyena due to his coloration and stripes.
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