Homeless is the nineteenth episode of the first season (The Prince of the Desert) of the animated series, Farhat.


Farhat and his friends elude one of Rashid’s "scorching" attacks. Their wonderful tent is destroyed, burned to a crisp, along with all their contents which were inside it. Our friends split up in opposite directions in order to recover everything they had lost.

Tilda returns to Oxford, where she succeeds in re-gaining the trust of Miss Keyhole and the other professors, and with their help, is able to furnish a new super computer. Ben reunites all of his cousins who’d been scattered around the world, and with them, reconstructs a new foldable tent with more modern materials.

Moreover, his Japanese cousin, Ben Saburo, gives him the gift of a lethal frying pan katana blade. In the end, Farhat accompanies Wings in collecting some primitive alchemy, more precisely, a kind of plant on which all potions are based. This plant only grows in the crater of a dangerous volcano, which is exactly where Egokhan will attempt to strike.




  • Miss Keyhole
  • Nigel Swanson
  • King D'Emir Yassir
  • Queen Dolunai
  • Ben's Cousins


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