Hawkeye is one of the main characters of the animated series, The Last of the Mohicans.


He is a 25-year old young man which in the past he had been an orphan since childhood from when his parents had been killed by the Mingos, so the Indians of the forest therefore raised him. Reserved, solitary, independent, and one who won’t put up with rules, Hawkeye suppress his emotions.

The wolf is his animal guide— for it is him with whom he feels he can identify. An expert hunter with much knowledge of the territory, Hawkeye’s roots in Indian culture lead him to harbor great respect for nature. In fact, the spirit of two souls live within him— that of the “white man”— and that of the Native American, something that causes him great conflict. Unable to resolve this clash, he prefers to isolate himself in the woods, together with Uncas and Big Snake… that is until his first romantic encounter with Alice…

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