Gourmet (グ ル メ Gurume) is one of the Seven Dwarfs and one of the main characters of the Japanese anime series, The Legend of Snow White.


Like the other dwarfs he has lived in the woods, was born there, and seeks protection from them. His job is to remain in harmony with the natural system and maintain its equilibrium. Also, he is employed in the kitchen and therefore, he is the chef of the house to teach Snow White how to cook. Plus, he has a role of mediation like a lightning rod among the other members of the group, as well as a real source of livelihood for everyone.

Physical Appearance

Gourmet is short and obese with pointed ears, round nose, white hair and beard and thin eyebrows on his face. Also, he wears a dark-red hat, robin-blue short sleeved shirt with a brown button, black belt, mustard-seed yellow sleeves, pants and black shoes.

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