This is a formula from a laboratory (not a magic formula), with the effect that is so incredible. Since when Prof. Amaldi is injected into the modified George's special liquid DNA, the young man has a fantastic ability to become Goldor! In touch, with his power of dimming and gold are the source of its energy.
―George's description

George Douglas Hamilton (Goldor) is one of the five Anti-Viruses and also one of the main protagonists of the animated series, Virus Attack.


George is 17 years old which he comes from prominent English noble families and he also lives in London, United Kingdom.


He is quite sophisticated and irresponsible, but his behavior is stylish, making him charming and entertaining.

Physical Appearance

George is slender with fair skin, golden and blonde yellow hair with thick brown eyebrows, and light-blue eyes.

Powers and Abilities

As Goldor, a golden anti-virus, he exhibits and distributes some of the powers and abilities to defeat various viruses from four planets and also Siderno that includes:

  • Lumen: This power has a powerful light stream that dazzles viruses.
  • Blastap: This power has explosive gold dust.
  • Flares: This power gives him the ability that paralyzes gold liquid.
  • Morphus Reflector: This power has a shield that reflects any attack.
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