Friends Forever (Italian: Amiche per Sempre) is the second episode of the first season of the animated series, Angel's Friends. It was originally broadcasted in Italia 1 on October 13, 2009.


Raf dreams that she has returned to Angie Town, but her house is empty, so that her mother abandons her, which causes her to doubt her own courage by a mean, but villainous talking teddy bear with Sulfus' red star on the right side of his face and after that, she falls down from her room, and has a nightmare, but also, she starts crying, using her handkerchief to wipe her eyes. But Uri reassures her that she and the other angels will always be around to help her when she calls. Also, Raf and Uri meets two other angels, Sweet and Miki.

At school, Andrew walks past some of the trio of bullies called, Bully Boyz, who are bullying one of his friends, but he does nothing to help and doesn't defend his friend, Jacob from the bullying trio. When Sulfus challenges Raf to earn the first move to guide Andrew on the right path once more at the Challenge Room, Raf discovers her power to fly very fast (also known as Fast Fly). But at Sulfur City, she is attacked and followed by a dragon but thanks to Uri's and Sweet's intervention, she manages to win. Meanwhile at the Limbo, Reina orders Maliki to bring Raf's handkerchief with her tears to investigate it to her.

Educational Objectives

  • Teaching that bullying is harmful.
  • Teaching that you should ask for help when you need it.
  • Teaching that confidence and courage are good qualities to possess.




Earthly Ones

  • Jacob
  • Bully Boyz
  • Andrew



  • Sweet: "I'm sweet as the sugar, or as the cakes, or as the caramels, ice cream and I'm sweet as honey and-!"
  • Sweet: "Well of course not every time, but whenever you are really in trouble, call us! We will fly straight to you! And this is a promise! Yes because now we are, "Angel's Friends, Together Forever!"
  • Raf: "It's almost as ugly as you!"



  • Speed Fly
  • Rock Fly


  • Meteo Fly


  • Sound Fly
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