Flash was an abandoned young dinosaur from the Valley of Time. He first befriended Baloo and never wanted to leave his side. Much like Simba and Buckshot, he, too, possesses beams of light that can inflict damage to his enemies. He was a mute and he could communicate through charades, until he and the gang returned to the jungle and were congratulated.

In the second series, he was involved in a rescue mission for Winner after he was taken to NY, along with his daddy, Baloo; Bagheera; Kaa; Simba; Buckshot; Thin and XL; Canary; Ludwig; and Augustine.

He wasn't seen often in the third series. Last time, he was seen in the later few episodes as he was taking a water slide with his junior friends at the flower garden where Simba, Farna, and Simba Jr resided in. He was later chosen as a soccer player, in Team Jungle, as a participant during the tournament. They were able to win it and defeat Shere Khan and Maya as Ari changed her permanently into a vulture. He was able to visit the kid after he fulfilled the prophecy and warp his home into the Singing Valley.


Flash is a large green bipedal dinosaur, but his species is unknown. He debuted in Episode 30, "The Abandoned Puppy." And he happens to be a close companion to Baloo.


He happens to be very playful, friendly, and bashful. He can also be very protective and hyper when his friends are in a bind. He's also courageous and playful, even with Winner's ball. Although hasn't been able to talk and form any coherent sentences, until later on. He started to speak fluently during the festivity in the jungle, Episode 47, just after he ate some free honey that was given to the home comers.

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