Fishing in the Frozen River is the twenty-first and twenty-second episodes of the first season and the fifth multi-part episode of the animated series, Toy Toons.


Part 1

Grandfather Bear presents two fish as a gift for the litigious racoon, so that the cat, curious about the origin of the fish, inquires where they had been caught. The bear then explains that by making holes in the ice, and then covering the river, he was able to catch them. The raccoon and the cat then run to the river.

Arriving first, the raccoon takes over the three holes that had been made by the bear, declaring this spot as his own, and telling the cat to go find his own spot. Both then begin to fish, and the cat catches some great carp fish, while the raccoon, meanwhile, doesn’t seem to be able to catch anything. The raccoon soon decides that he will take over the cat’s post early next morning, and after doing so, is then able to catch fish one after the other, until there are so many fish that he realises that he must soon go home for a basket in which to carry them.

Being afraid that the cat might come over and take his place, he grabs a trunk used as a bridge, and then makes a snowman with his scarf and his hat. The cat then arrives, and calls out to the raccoon from afar, but not hearing any response, he then goes to a different place.

Part 2

The raccoon is fishing and catches many fish. Meanwhile, the cat catches no fish, so he asks the raccoon if he can go near him to fish, however, the selfish raccoon does not want him to do so because even he appears unable to catch fish at that moment.

Unfortunately for the raccoon, an enormous fish is skimming the surface right near one of the holes underneath him. The fish then tries to pull the raccoon under water, and as the raccoon calls out for help, the cat ignores him, figuring that he raccoon is joking as usual. A while later, thanks to the arrival of the grandfather is the selfish raccoon saved.

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