Farhat is an Italian animated series that only consists two seasons, The Prince of the Desert & The Black Scorpion, plus it has 54 episodes and distributed by Mondo TV.


A fantastic new animated series was directed by Giuseppe Laganà and also it was released by Mondo TV with Rai Fiction and The Animation Band as co-producers. They concern the adventures of the young prince Farhat and his friends, in search of the seven scattered pieces of the magical crystal called the Shariman.


The Shariman is a magic crystal which for thousands of years blessed a happy land with peace and abundance. Egokhan is an ancient demon who one fateful day desecrated the Shariman, causing it to shatter into seven pieces, fly away and become hidden in the most remote corners of the world.

What had been a rich and happy land was transformed into a sterile, forbidden desert, below which ancient secrets and huge oilfields lay dormant. But the time has come and the conflict between good and evil breaks out.

Farhat is a young nowadays Arab prince who, although he does not know it, is destined to reunite the scattered fragments of the magic crystal. A difficult and demanding destiny forces him to confront the terrible, dark, villainous and ruthless Egokhan, risen once more from the sands of the desert, and his treacherous ally, the oilman Rashid, head of the powerful Petroglobe.

Guided by an ancient manuscript, Farhat undertakes an incredible, adventurous journey across five continents, aided by three exceptional companions including Tilda, the brilliant, beautiful prodigy student from Oxford, Wings, the aged but lively scorpion, a capable alchemist who distills incredible potions through his tail, and Ben, his faithful and efficient butler.

When the magic crystal is finally put back together and the villains are defeated, Farhat discovers that the Shariman is the heart of an ancient machine which can produce unlimited clean energy. Peace and prosperity return to the desert and Farhat decides to give mankind the secret of the Shariman, although Egokhan has been turned to stone while Rashid waters the flowers in the royal prison, swearing eternal repentance, we know that evil does not die so easily.

The Black Scorpion

After Farhat and his friends reconstructed an ancient magical crystal called the Shariman it started to feed their country with powerful bright energy. But there are mysteries hidden in the power of this crystal that our friends did not expect. But also, Farhat once again will have to face new challenges.

Characters and Cast

Character Voiced by
Farhat English: Francis Pardeilhan (Season 1)
David Wills (Season 2)
Italian: Stefano Crescentini
Wings English: Mel H. Moviss (Season 1)
Mark Thompson (Season 2)
Italian: Oliviero Dinelli
Tilda Swanson English: Flaminia Fegarotti (Season 1)
Anne Hartung (Season 2)
Italian: Federica de Bortoli
Ben English and Italian: Unknown
Farhat's Shadow English and Italian: Unknown
Egokhan English: Unknown
Italian: Carlo Marini
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Villains: Egokhan
The Prince of the Desert: "The Prince Comes Home" • "The Tail of the Scorpion" • "A Genius Named Tilda" • "The Light of the Shariman" • "In the Great Darkness" • "Ambush in the Desert" • "A Trip in a Balloon" • "Watch Out for Miss Keyhole" • "Experience Deceives" • "Dreams are Reality" • "Snarchkoff Against Snarchkoff" • "Under the Sun of Egokhan" • "Spider Web" • "The Valley of the Mayas" • "In the Belly of Egokhan" • "Under Siege" • "The Call of Queen Dolunai" • "Trap of Smoke" • "Homeless" • "Ben's Betrayal" • "The Duellers" • "A Rose for Ali" • "Ben's Wrath" • "Zenem's Heritage" • "Nigel Trapped" • "The Triumph of the Light"
The Black Scorpion: "Too Light" • "The Genius" • "The Keepers of Ashtarak" • "A Hero's Fall" • "Upside Down" • "The Cursed Keeper" • "The Temple of the Black Scorpion" • "Games Gone Crazy" • "Ben in Black" • "The Spirit of the Forest" • "The Apprentice" • "Battle in the Big Apple" • "Tilda's Ghost" • "Suspended in Limbo" • "Red Alarm" • "The Mask Falls" • "A Calm Weekend at Oxford" • "Head to Head" • "The Remaining Path" • "Sweet Coast" • "A Possible World" • "Heart of Darkness" • "Great Manoeuvres" • "On the Edge of the Abyss" • "Farhat Against Everybody" • "The Lacking Grain"
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