Don Juan is a character and the main protagonist of the 1999 animated film, The Legend of the Titanic and its 2004 sequel, In Search of the Titanic.


He is a gypsy and the love interest of Elizabeth who falls in love with and now marries her at the end.


The Legend of the Titanic

He is a gypsy and the love interest of Elizabeth who falls in love with her. His dog, Smiley runs up to her and takes her glove which he takes. He then sniffs the glove, hinting he has fallen for her two. Elizabeth is being forced to marry a villainous whaler, Everard Maltravers by her stepmother, Rachel, and the Duke of Camden. What neither the Duke or Elizabeth know is that Maltravers only wants to marry Elizabeth so he'd be granted worldwide whaling rights and Rachel sided with Maltravers.

After Elizabeth is able to speak to dolphins (her tears hit with some moonbeam-like drop splashes creating a magic spell) and learning of Maltravers' true intent and nature, she communicates with some mice, Top Conners and Ronnie who tells her to stand up to her father. Despite her protest at the beginning of the film, she tells her father again she has no intention of marrying Maltravers, and this time her father is more accepting. She meets Don Juan at the deck and the two dance. Rachel yells at Elizabeth to marry Maltravers, but Elizabeth stands up for herself and tells Rachel she should marry Maltravers if he's so important to her, making Rachel storm off.

Maltravers has control of an underwater gang of sharks, including Ice Teeth and after learning he was not going to marry Elizabeth, he and Rachel hold the Duke at gunpoint and force him to sign whaling rights over to Maltravers and tie him to a chair as the sharks trick a giant, yet friendly, octopus named Tentacles into throwing an iceberg in front of the Titanic. The Titanic hits the iceberg and begins to sink.

Tentacles realizes what he has done and tries to hold the ship together, even saving the Captain. Don and Elizabeth save the Duke and get him to a lifeboat and they are saved by a whale. At the end of the film, Don Juan and Elizabeth Camden are now getting married.


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