Diego de la Vega (ドン·ディエゴ·ベガ Don Diego Vega and in a full name, Don Diego de la Vega) a.k.a. Zorro ( ゾロ Zoro in Japanese), is the titular character and the main protagonist of the Japanese animated/anime series, The Legend of Zorro.


Physical Description

Dressed in his white long-sleeved shirt, he wears a black hat with his cape and vest of the same color. His eyes are made of black silk as well. He wears black leather boots that almost entirely wraps his legs and on his head he has brown hair and thick eyebrows along with blue-gray eyes. He is tall and slender with a fine and elegant appearance, totally in contrast with the roughness of the black mask.


As Diego, he acts lazy and clumsy, usually showing cowardly, foolish, and silly characteristics to hide his secret identity, but as Zorro he is the most noble-minded, very funny and kind swordsman in the world. Diego, just like his father, is always very calm and reasonable, unlike Lolita and Bernard, who are very hot-headed, short-tempered and stubborn.

Role in the series

He is the eighteen year-old scion of a local landowner in Southern California. During his arrival after having been for some years studying in Spain, he tries to make trouble in the small town of San Tasco. Lolita always waiting for him and Bernard, a nine-year old child cannot rather lively wait to be able to embrace sooner. But, even he is no longer himself, he was clumsy, and lazy with a great scorn by Lolita and a vague surprise by Bernard, who does not believe that much in this transformation for the worse of his dear Diego.

In California, the two villainous and shady official commanders, Captain Raymond and Lieutenant Gabriel of the army, are oppressing the people with unfair taxes only to fill their pockets. But, with Diego's arrival that appears Zorro, the incomparable swordsman duly masked to hide his identity, who is only pretending to be lazy, clumsy and cowardly.

The masked avenger helps the oppressed and punishes the wicked, leaving behind his trademark "Z", dealt with the sword, and fleeing astride his trusty white horse, Viento before it can be identified. Diego, like his father, is always very calm and reasonable, both as civil and as a caped , unlike Lolita and Bernard, who are always ready to fight and never think about the risks.

Also, he fights for the justice of those oppressed by the tyranny of the government's cruel, dictatorial representatives and fights duel after duel, survives mortal dangers, and battles for the freedom and salvation of his people.


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