Diego Under Cover (Japanese: ディエゴがグレた!?, Diego ga gure ta!?) is the thirty-seventh episode of the Japanese animated/anime series, The Legend of Zorro and was originally broadcasted on January 24, 1997.


Pedro, the son of Feran, owner of a shipping company, takes a stand against his father who is doing business with the Indies Trading Company. A shady character then takes advantage of Pedro’s rebellious nature and convinces him and his friends to steal a cargo of wheat, on the understanding that it will be distributed to the poor.

In actual fact, the wheat will be sold in Spain at an exorbitant price. Diego pretends to run away from home, joins Pedro and his friends, and convinces them to fight for justice in a more orthodox manner. Diego’s presence turns out to be a godsend when the criminal who are exploiting Pedro start getting tough.




  • Alejandro
  • Pedro
  • Feran
  • Maria
  • Rosa


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