From normal teenagers to inexhaustible heroes like diamonds! How is it possible?! The answer lies in David's special DNA, which, when in contact with the formula invented by his father, Prof. Amaldi Dyamer, who is a brilliant scientist that transforms him into Dyamer, the diamond anti-virus! But the experiment only succeeds if David faces the risk of touching the Virus.
―David's description

David Amaldi (Dyamer) is one of the five Anti-Viruses and also one of the main protagonists of the animated series, Virus Attack.


David is a 16 year-old son of his father and brilliant and intelligent scientist, Professor Edward Amaldi and lives in Octavia. He also takes advantage of every opportunity, sports to the school question, and also takes the lead which he makes the most of it. The discovery of being able to become Dyamer, the diamond anti-virus, due to his father's experiment and formula, will make the father-son relationship even more difficult.

Physical Appearance

David is slender with light and fair skin, dark grey hair with thick eyebrows, and brown eyes.

Powers and Abilities

As Dyamer, a diamond anti-virus, he exhibits and distributes some of the powers and abilities to defeat various viruses from four planets and also Siderno that includes:

  • Skid: He has the power with the rain from the diamond shrapnel that penetrates the viruses is like a knife.
  • Reflex: This power gives him a diamond mirror that reflects the enemies' rays.
  • Morphus Diamond: The diamond shield is resistant to all attacks.
  • Photoner: This power gives him the ability with cracks that slices, blinds, and dries viruses.
  • Mirrion: This power allows him to multiply and duplicate to disturb the enemy.
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  • He is first anti-virus appeared in film
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