Cora Munro is Alice's sister and one of the main characters of the animated series, The Last of the Mohicans.


Cora is the young twenty-something sister of Alice who loves to dress herself up in rather showy colors in style.


She is pure, instinctive, brave, strong, and courageous. Cora is in control of her own nature, and doesn’t worry herself over obstacles. She expresses her inner force through her sweetness. This very nature of hers is perceived and understood only by Uncas, which is why the two of them fall in love.

Physical Appearance

Cora is slender with fair skin, thin black eyebrows, green eyes, pink lips, and long raven-black hair. Also, she wears a pink Baroque dress with long sleeves, and a full skirt with a red banded waistline and golden button on the top of her V-line. On her ears, she wears green earrings.

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