Blip is one of the five aliens of the group and one of the main characters of the animated series, The Nimbols.


Blip is just cool and extremely casual in everything he does. He never flips out. Blip loves to experiment and is enthusiastic about everything technical. As an orphan, robots "lovingly" raised him. He constantly invents new electronic equipment.

Blip hates compliments and has no sense for silly "girly things.” When Neema or Oona flirt with him, he reacts by being embarrassed, starts to stutter, and turns red. He also gets short of breath (just like when he takes part in sports). He overcomes this with a spray against asthma. As soon as relief sets in, his rosy complexion returns to normal. Neema and Oona worship him; in fact Oona admires his technical understanding, while Neema admires his his cool manner.

Blip remains cool and unimpressed, even in extremely critical situations. In order to solve problems, he is always looking for a technical solution or simply invents something. At such times Blip has a strange habit: To help him conceive new ideas, he stretches his head into an oblong shape like a rubber band using his hands, and then lets it snap back into its original shape. Blip thinks that this shaking up stimulates his brain cells. Lastly, Blip habitually cracks his fingers (an extremely unpleasant sound) whenever he comes up with a new idea.

Physical Appearance

Blip is a tall and slender alien with golden tan-yellow skin, pointed elf-like ears, blue eyes, black eyebrows and wavy cool-grayish blue hair.

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