Betrayed and Encircled! is the tenth episode of the animated series, Spartacus.


A Pirate Chiefton offers his boat to Spartacus: he is then ready to ferry the more than 60,000 rebels across the state, about a quarter of whom our women and children. While Spartacus gets deals in agreement with the pirate chiefton, giving him a huge monetary advance, the Roman legions under Crasso’s command are closing in on the rebels, their ultimate intention— to push them out towards the sea, thus forcing them either to die or surrender.

The rebels live out their last hours of tranquility, and also organize an improvised, non-violent version of the gladiator games on the beach. Aside from the party, everyone is waiting for the pirates' boat to arrive so that they can finally cross the straight. Unfortunately, the Romans reach the pirate chiefton first, and bribe him. So, upon the sunrise of their chosen day, Spartacus’ people wait on the beach for the pirates’ boats, but they do not arrive, stirring fear in everyone.

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