Bernard (Japanese: ベルナルド Berunarudo) is a character, the co-protagonist and the deuteragonist of the Japanese animated/anime series, The Legend of Zorro.


Physical Description

Under his disguise as Little Zorro, just like Diego as Zorro, Bernard dresses with his white long-sleeved shirt, he wears a black hat with his cape and mask on his head of the same color. But, his vest is only blue. He wears black leather boots that almost entirely wraps his legs.


Bernard is a nine-year-old orphan who is adopted by the de la Vega family when he was still a baby and fulfills the role of a family mascot. A lively, quick- witted, happy child, he is considered a son by Don Alejandro, and a brother by Diego, alias Zorro. At a certain point in the story.

Role in the series

Bernard discovers that Diego is actually his idol, Zorro, and so decides to become “Little Zorro” in order to help Diego defeat the region’s evil tyrants. Bernard does what he can to help out on the farm, and plays a rather unusual role as a sort of “Cupid” in the relationship between Diego and Lolita. The only unbeatable enemy, so to speak is Maria, the housekeeper and the enemy in the sense is that the two robbers do not get away with, as they both adore.

If there is a rascal who excels in wit is Bernard. In the end, Diego is forced to tell the truth when he turns out that he is none other than his hero, Zorro. Not only that even manages to gain acceptance as his helper becoming Diego's sidekick Little Zorro (Japanese: リトル·ゾロ ritoru Zoro ? ) , he takes advantage of their relationship and he is using other tricks to be even less orthodox.

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