Ben's Fury is the twenty-third episode of the first season (The Prince of the Desert) of the animated series, Farhat.


Ben has hit his head and lost his memory. He wanders the desert trying to remember his own identity, as his worried friends search for him. The villains pick up on the situation, and Rashid then appears before Ben dressed in humble clothes and convinces him that he is in fact the glorious warrior Kemal Brutal.

Rashid invites Ben-Kemal to help him free his tribe from a terrible monster, drawing him into the heart of the desert and a series of close calls then occur in which a terrible wind blows with violent force. Farhat, on his friend’s tail, follows Ben to the heart of the twisted canyons. There, he is attacked by Egokhan, who is able to quell the power of the crystals that are in the hands of the young prince.

However, Ben in the flesh will overturn the evil doings caused by the clash, even if he still cannot recover his memory. Fortunately, Farhat’s shadow will provide the a comical solution in order to help him get it back.




  • Nigel Swanson


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