Ben's Betrayal is the twentieth episode of the first season (The Prince of the Desert) of the animated series, Farhat.


Egokhan and Rashid draw Ben’s cousins into a huge trap and imprison them, suspended over an abyss of hellfire. Egokhan then secretly appears, and suggests a trade off, that is the fragments of the Shariman in exchange for the lives of Ben’s cousins. Ben is desperate without the power to communicate with his friends, he must dramatically and solitarily fight the battle of deciding just what the proper course of action is.

He seems to have decided not to sink to the level of blackmail, but in the end gives in, and escapes during the night with the crystals, bringing them before the demon. But there is never anything to gain in entering a pact with such a monster!

Everything would appear to be a complete disaster, what with the loss of the crystal and of Ben’s cousins. Luckily, Farhat is a chip of the old block that can smell something amiss, and so devises an appropriate countermeasure.




  • Nigel Swanson
  • Ben's Cousins


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