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"Be the Best... ...Keep the Beast."
―Official tagline

Beast Keeper (Alt. Beastkeeper) is an Italian animated fantasy series that consists a season and 52 episodes with distribution by Mondo TV along with Ponpoko Productions, Starbright and Kappa Edizioni plus it was animated by the anime company, Nada Anime.


Keep is a boy with no memory of his past and of unknown origin, but he is in possession of an ancient and magical artifact called a Spin Shell, which gives him the power to control the Beasts. Beasts are legendary creatures hidden in every corner of the world, and Keep can harness their power and actually fuse with them.

The young Jay, Alice, Mac and Argon (Toto) accompany him in a great adventure searching for his true identity, little by little a mystery deeply rooted in a remote past, an era when the courageous and various Keepers saved the world from the invasion of the Underground Creatures. During their great adventure, the five young heroes will obtain new Spin Shells and learn about the Reapers, these evil and villainous obscure figures that are plotting for world domination in the shadows and using the Beasts’ power to their advantage. They solve puzzles, meet new companions and face difficult situations thanks to their friendship and cooperation.


  • Keep
  • Jay
  • Alice
  • Mac
  • Argon
  • Toto
  • Lord Warmer
  • Count Stoker
  • Dr. Persico
  • Piper


1.Keeper vs. Reaper

2.The Power of the Spin Shell


4.Beastly Symbio

5.The Reaper Organization

6.Monster in the City

7.Friendly Fire


9.Friends and Enemies


11.The Beast Within

12.Reaper for Revenge

13.The Old Spin Shell

14.The Key

15.The Three Hooded

16.The Call of the Depths

17.Dreams of Gloria

18.The Enemy in the Mind


20.The Attack of the Creeper

21.The Four Knights of Hayon

22.How to Become a Beast Keeper

23.On the Traces of Howl

24.The Castle of Stoker

25.Mortal Coils

26.Out of Control



  • This series became famous after being bought by 4Kids Entertainment shortly after the loss of its contract with Yu-Gi-Oh!.
  • This animated series is the first that animation bets were made ​​in a style that tries to mimic anime is expected to debut yet in 2012.