At Home Again is the third episode of the first season of the animated series, Sissi: The Young Empress. It was released on October 28, 2015.


Sissi and Nut are in Possenhofen again and Nut would pass all day to tell Shadow about Lulu, but in the forest, the animals organized by a goose named Alice, are queuing to speak with Sissi and everyone knows that she has the magic bracelet and wants her help. The most urgent case regards a young lynx, Zoe, who lost her mother and brothers, but the things, as we will see, are a little bit different.

Meanwhile, Franz decides to go from Vienna to Possenhofen. The excuse is to return to Sissi with her horse, Flick and she is so happy to see them again, but the emperor will confess soon the true reason for his visit. Nenè decided to go for a long journey, far, far away from the inevitable talks and duties of the court after her missing marriage. Saying hello to Sissi, the girl reveals that she understood something.

Despite the words of her sister, Sissi wasn't decided about her future with Franz that she was to have been engaged yet with the emperor and to lived in the court, in Vienna, between etiquette and ceremonies would have been quite strange and difficult for her, so free and used to spend the days in the forest with her beloved animal friends. Franz asks Max the most important thing is to ask him the hand of his daughter Sissi, but the man makes everything difficult for the guy. Under a romantic moon, Sissi and Franz are about to kiss, but the animals of the forest, including the owl are worried that they will have to prevent it. But why?

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