Arrival at Tortuga is the ninth episode of the animated series, The Black Corsair.


When they arrive at Tortuga, the Black Corsair informs Honorata that she is free: he has paid the ransom to the crewmen himself. The duchess then disembarks accompanied by Leyla, Moko, Carmaux, Van Stiller, and their pets including Trinchetto. Surprisingly, she goes to the house of the Black Corsair. Carmaux, Moko, the Iguana, the Cormorant, Rum, and Trinchetto go to the citadel and enter a tavern. Soon after, they cause a huge brawl involving all the customers there, and to the despair of the tavern keeper, his salon is utterly destroyed, but the brawl ends in a colossal party with everybody drinking, singing, laughing and making noise.

In the meantime, the Olonois informs the Black Corsair that it has been decided by all pirates to launch a great attack on Maracaibo immediately. The Black Corsair then calls on Honorata to tell her that he is about to leave. The Duchess, however, was expecting him for dinner and the Black Corsair, though his heart is burdened by sad forebodings, cannot help but to stay and dine with her. During the meal, he asks Honorata if she intends to leave the island in his absence.

To this, Honorata reassures him: not only she does not intend to leave but if only he lets her, and we learn that she would in fact actually be willing go to sea again with him. The Black Corsair refuses this offer however, and with a heavy heart, takes his leave from her to board the Thunderbolt.




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