Princess Amina is a supporting character of the second season (The Tiger Roars Again) of the animated series, Sandokan.


Princess Amina is the daughter of the Maharajah, who resides in Delhi, and a trusted ally of Sandokan and the Tigers of Mompracem.


When Amina makes her debut at a market in Delhi, she is portrayed as a snobbish, spoiled, and childish brat who is accustomed to having her way. She even said, “My daddy’s the maharajah, which means when I see something I want, I get it!”, implying a sense of entitlement to her life as a princess. However, she often uses her status as a means of aiding and providing help for her allies against a common enemy.

At heart, Amina is a cheerful, rebellious, flirtatious and adventurous girl. She enjoys the simplicities of life, like swimming unsupervised in a river, flirting with boys she finds attractive, and taking delight in watching a snake dance in the market like everyone else. However, she seemingly has no desire to hide the fact that she is royalty from anyone, riding along on an elephant surrounded by guards and wearing royal attire. While swimming in a river for some fun, Amina displays shared feelings for Kammamuri the first time she lays eyes on him, instantly flirting with him.

When in harm’s way, how she reacts can vary from cowering to outright defiance. After being captured by Nazima’s for the first time, she trembled in fear at Marianne’s side after watching Tremal-Naik get blinded, but aiding in the battle against the thugs alongside her allies. After following a thug incognito in Delhi, ending up kidnapped, she was not above insulting and defying Nazima despite everything the priestess threw at her. She had full faith that Sandokan would find and save her.


Amina is portrayed to be very attractive, despite being a child. She has feathery and long black hair that sometimes fall in locks, blue eyes, a small white bindi in the middle of her forehead and pink lips.

When in her royal clothes, her dress is bright red with gold rings by her shoulders and with gold flowers at the hems of her sleeves. She wears two necklaces, one with large jade beads and another with small gold beads and a heart. Underneath her dress are cream-colored pantaloons with dark red shoes. On both wrists are jade bracelets. On her head is a red skull cap with a yellow flower and symmetrical crests. She wears gold earrings.

In her simple clothes/swimwear, she wears a plain light yellow top and turquoise shorts, earrings and bracelets with her hair pulled back, whilst going barefoot.

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