Here can be found all the clothes (including Eternal and Prism Fly) that Raf has been wearing in the animated series, Angel's Friends and the movie, Angel's Friends: Between Dream and Reality.


Angel's Friends - Raf - Character Profile Picture
As an Eternal, Raf wears sporty clothes: a short dark blue top decorated with sparkly yellow spirals, matching dark blue shorts decorated with light blue sparkles, a white bell with a ladybug shaped buckle and white knee length boots. She also wears 5 different bracelets on each arm, 3 of them are red and blue, the other blue with white spikes and the largest one is light blue with black spirals. Her wings and halo are celestial blue.

Prism Fly

Angel's Friends - Raf in her Prism Fly Outfit - Profile Picture

Raf's Prisma Fly is a long sparkly dress dress and three layers with different shades of blue and white. At the end of her chest is a white band with the design of a ladybug, the same design she has got on the buckle of her belt in her Eternal form. Raf's red tuft changes to a blue tuft. She wears knee-length pink boots with celestial blue spirals decorating it, she also has got transparent white and blue straps that fall down her arms, the number of bracelets on each arm is 4 bracelets. On her right arm she has got three small bracelets, a white, a blue and a yellow one, the largest bracelet is celestial blue with black spirals. On her left arm she has got three small white bracelets and the largest one is golden yellow. Her hair is caught in a high ponytail. Her wings become bigger than the usual and become slight darker than her original wings, they are patterned with sparkly light blue stars. Her halo keeps the same color as her Eternal Form.

Season 1

Earthy Ones

First Outfit

Raf uses this outfit in the episode, Flying with Her Own Wings.

Raf wore a long white shirt with a short green sleeveless jacket, a hot pink thin belt surrounding her waist, hot pink wrist bands from elbow to wrist, a short denim skirt and green and white ankle boots.

Second Outfit

Raf uses this outfit in the episode, Poor Devil.

Raf is dressed as a dog walker, she wears a white and dark pink striped shirt, a long sleeved pink jacket, knee-length jeans, a red bracelet and yellow sandals decorated with a oval-shaped red jewel at the center.

Third Outfit

Raf uses this outfit in the episode, Protection.

She wears a a pink shirt with spaghetti straps decorated with an oval picture of a ladybug in the center of her chest, short jeans, long pale pink socks and blue and white ankle tennis.

Fourth Outfit

Raf uses this outfit in the episode, Life on Earth.

She wears a blue shirt with the design of a pink heart at the center of her chest, underneath is a white shirt, long jeans, a light pink belt with a hot pink buckle and hot pink high heels. On her head is a hot pink hat.

Fifth Outfit

Raf uses this outfit in the episode, Divided.

Raf is dressed as a graffiti painter and wears a short-sleeved pink, purple and hot pink shirt with a red and pink heart in the middle, blue jeans with hearts of many colors on each leg and white shoes. On her right hand she wears a green and white bracelet while on her left arm she uses a green wrist bands. Her red tuft spreads around some more of her hair and she uses a pink bag around her shoulder.

Sixth Outfit

Raf uses this outfit in the episode, Prisoners of the Heart.

She wears an indigo shirt, jeans, pink and white tennis and pink and dark blue bracelets. She also uses a pink star shaped necklace.

Seventh Outfit

Raf uses this outfit in the episode, From Sunset to Sunrise.

She wears a red rescuer outfit, a red helmet with a lantern inside of it.

Eighth Outfit

Raf uses this outfit in two episodes, Threats on the Horizon and To Regain "Terrestrial"

She is dressed as a police woman, she wears a navy blue, short-sleeved shirt, grey jeans with a white belt and a golden buckle, black shoes and a black police hat.

Ninth Outfit

Raf uses this outfit in the episode, Dangerous Shortcuts.

She is dressed as a basketball player, she wears a sleeveless long grey and red shirt with the black and white logo, matching shorts, white and red long socks and grey and red tennis.

Halloween (Devil)

Raf uses this outfit in two episodes, Mystery Party and Little Sweet... or Little Joke?.

The devil outfit consists in a strapless black top decorated with sparkly red spirals, a dark grey belt with a light grey skull shaped buckle, black tights and grey and red high heels. Wrapped around her left arm is a grey wrist band from her elbow to her wrist and on her right hand is a fingerless dark grey glove. Around her left eye is a red star tattoo similar to the one Sulfus wears in his Eternal form, wrapped around her neck is a black necklace and her hair is caught on a rebel high ponytail held by a spiral shaped purple hairpin. Around her left leg is a pale red leg-band decorated with sparkly red heart, from her shoulders down her ankle is a cape, black on the outside and red from the inside. Raf's devil wings and horns are a mix of dark pink with red. 


Raf uses this outfit in the episode, Together Forever.

In the dream of her wedding with Sulfus, Raf's bride dress is a long white dress whose bottom is open, revealing her legs and short skirt, the bottom is also in shape of feathers that remind of the wings of an angel but also of a swan. The top is sleeveless and frilly from the neck to the chest.Her hair is caught in a high ponytail in which the veil covers just the beginning of it. She also wears white high heels with a spiral in the center of each.


Raf's pajamas consist in a navy blue, long-sleeved shirt with pink and light pink hearts and matching navy blue pants, her hair is let lose

Between Dream and Reality


She wears the same pajamas from Season 1.


She wears a light blue, dark blue with yellow strips jacket, knee-length navy blue pants, white, light and dark blue tennis and a matching cap.

Masquerade Party

At the Masquerade Party, Raf wears a pink and white strapless dress. The top down to her chest is pink decorated with white points at the beginning and end of her chest, down to her waist the dress is white. The lower part is multi-layered, goes down to her feet and has an opening from her knee to her ankle. She wears light pink high heels and white wrist bands around her arms from upper arm to wrist with a point down the palm.

Challenge 1 - Mountain Biker

In this challenge, Raf uses a white and pink, short-sleeved, shirt with a heart in the middle and a red zipper, light and dark blue elbow pads, short white and pink gloves, white and pink pants, dark and light blue kneecaps, white and pink tennis. To finish she has got a white helmet with pink clouds.

Summer School

Raf's Summer School outfit is a white shirt with short baggy sleeves, that expose slightly her shoulders. On the shirt is the picture of a shield shaped symbol with the initials "SC" and a sun rising under the letters. Covering most of the white shirt is a night blue, blue and yellow corset whose straps have heart shaped yellow buckles, the bodice covers most of her upper body going down to her waist, then a white skirt that covers the beginning of her legs. To finish she wears high heel boots decorated with large blue laces on the outside sides. Her hair remains the same as when she is in her Eternal form. 

Challenge 2 - Rafting Racer

In this challenge, Raf uses a blue, with a dark blue zipper, long-sleeved shirt, a dark blue and orange waistcoat, blue pants and a matching orange helmet.

Romeo and Juliet Play

This info is coming up soon.

Season 2

Earthly One - First Outfit

Raf uses this outfit in the second part of the episode, Earthling Alarm!.

She wears an pink shirt, jeans, purple high heels and pink, light and dark blue bracelets. She also uses a pink star shaped necklace.

Race Driver

Raf uses this outfit in the second part of the episode, Foolish Pride.

She wears an orange and light blue full outfit, a pale blue belt with a oval dark blue buckle with a ladybug in the middle, light blue and white boots and an orange, dark and light blue helmet.

Radio Announcer

Raf uses this outfit in the second part of the episode, Love and Hate.

She wears a light blue, long-sleeved, shirt, a pinkish-purple tie, a light pink belt around her waist, dark blue jeans, white and pinkish-purple tennis.


Personification consists in spending a day together with rival of the opposite team dressed up as their Earthly One. Eternals must act exactly the same way as their Earthly One does. In Raf's case, her Earthly One doesn't possess any money therefore neither does she. Raf's Personification outfit is an orange shirt covered by a long-sleeved bluish grey jacket, the hood is light blue, she wears also long blue pantaloon, the sneakers are white and orange. Her hair has the same hairstyle as she always wears. Wrapped around her left wrist is the blue projection bracelet. 


Raf uses this outfit in the two-part episode, Friends Forever.

Raf's gymnastic outfit is a long-sleeved white jacket with matching long white pants and sneakers. On each arm, from the shoulder to the wrist is a line covered with blue and white glitters, the same goes on each side of the legs,  Designed on both left and right sides of her arms, wrists and legs are yale blue wings with three feathers. The lower part of her sneakers are yale blue and the remaining part is white, on each side is designed a white wing with three feathers. On the right side of her chest is a small yale blue cloud.

Field Trips

Raf uses her outfits in two episodes (four segments), Geography Lesson and Battle at the Coliseum.

Raf's field trips outfits are very similar to the one she uses in the Personification only with the difference that the colors constantly change and a few accessories are added. 

On the field trip to Paris, Raf wears a celestial blue shirt covered by a long-sleeved purplish grey jacket, the hood has got two colors: shocking pink and light pink, long shocking pink pantaloon, pale pink, celestial blue and white sneakers, on her head is a shocking pink beret with purplish grey borders.

On the field trip to Istanbul, Raf wears pale pink shirt covered by a long-sleeved magenta jacket, the hood is teal blue, teal blue long pantaloon and a matching cap, magenta and white sneakers. 

On a field trip to Rome, Raf wears a yellow shirt covered by a long-sleeved denim blue jacket, the hood is Carolina blue, long orange pantaloon and matching orange and white sneakers. She also uses a pair of sunglasses whose borders are orange. In all the trips she brings with her a yellow shoulder bag decorated with blue and pink designs such as flowers and clouds.

Spring Dance

Raf uses this outfit in three episodes (four segments), the second part of Spring Dance, Disharmonic Vibration, and the first part of Guilty and Innocent.

Raf's Spring Dance dress consists in a strapless, long celestial blue dress. The upper part till the end of her chest is covered with sparkles of blue and white, the dress then has got an opening from her tight down her feet also covered with sparkles of blue and white. She wears light blue gloves from her upper arms down her hands, wrapped around her wrists is a cobalt blue bracelet with a yellow line. Her long blonde hair is wavy, falling down her back, half of the hair is caught in a high ponytail decorated with a hairclip in the shape of a celestial blue and yellow flower. It's later shown that her shoes consist in matching celestial blue high heels.


Raf uses her same outfit in two episodes (four segments), Mission Impossible and In Enemy Territory.

Raf wears the same outfit as in the Halloween outfit, with the difference this time she uses her halo as a hair decoration.

Final Year Party

Raf uses this outfit in the second part of the final episode, The Universe Balance.

Raf's Final Year Party are very simple, they consist in a strap, bubblegum pink shirt that goes down her tights, decorated with three dark pink rays, dark pink leggings, her hairstyle is quite similar to the one she wears at the Spring Dance with the different that it's not wavy, half of the hair is caught in a high ponytail and the remaining is left hanging down her back. Her shoes aren't able to be seen but it's theorized that she is wearing dark pink wedge heels.

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