Since the day when Prof. Amaldi injected the formula, she turns into Arghes, a silver anti-virus with long hair-like pipes. In her romantic dreams, this girl was full of ideas that added another which it was to save Earth from viruses! Will that happen...?!
―Alice's description

Alice Benton (Arghes) is one of the five Anti-Viruses and also one of the main protagonists of the animated series, Virus Attack.


Alice is a sweet, beautiful and cute 16-year-old girl who lives in Arizona, which she was the only one in the team along with her blushing beauty and remarkable character. Also, an explosive blend attracts the attention of her friends.


Alice is very attractive, so much that she has attracted both David and George. She is a great dreamer, but she is still very brave, heroic, kind, gentle-hearted and and strong in character.

Physical Appearance

Alice is slender with fair skin, long, golden blonde hair with brown eyebrows, red lipstick and purple eyes.

Powers and Abilities

As Arghes, a silver anti-virus, she exhibits and distributes some of the powers and abilities to defeat various viruses from four planets and also Siderno that includes:

  • Ardesia: Her hair turns into long arms that drown an enemy.
  • Detector: She has the power with the silver rain that can detect hidden viruses.
  • Oxys: A powerful liquid of mercury that paralyzes viruses.
  • Artifex: This power has the ability with the silver cloud that produces and generates tornadoes.
  • Visioner: This power allows her to expose viruses.
  • Morphus Energy: This gives her a clean and pure energy shield that can be used as similiar as a boomerang.
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  • She is only female anti-virus in film
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