Agrom is the prince of the Earth Tribe and one of the main characters and protagonists of the animated series, Gormiti.


Agrom is the key identification character for viewers and a kid who's suddenly given the greatest power known in his world. His tribe tolerates him for now, but has no intention of following a leader that always insists on change. They aren't interested in the bigger picture that lies beyond the walls of their kingdom. As a result Agrom's closest ally within his tribe is Kondo - his friend since childhood who would stand beside Agrom against any threat. Kondo believes more than anyone that Agrom will one day be king even when he himself does not.


The brave, curious, tolerant and virtuous Earth prince has a strong sense of his own destiny, as well as a kind and open soul. He's willing to stick his neck out for a friend or stranger. Knowing that he comes from a tribe that is very set in its ways, Agram strives to prove that the only way to save Gorm and help the Gormiti thrive is by bringing the long-separated tribes together and working cooperatively.

Powers and Abilities

Agrom's powers over earth allow him to bulk up his appearance by drawing racks and stones from his surroundings. He uses these earthen elements to construct body armor for himself. In this armored state he possesses increased strength and is less vulnerable to physical attacks. Beyond that, he can fold and bend his body to form a huge, rock-like wheel that carries away his enemies.

  • Agrom + Noctis = Boulder Basher - This power is a rapid fire rock cannon.
  • Agrom + Tasaru = Rock and Roller - This power has a giant rack wheel with a tree axel than can demolish anything in its path.
  • Agrom + Piron = Earth Mover - This power is a directional mudslide.
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