A Rose for Ali is the twenty-second episode of the first season (The Prince of the Desert) of the animated series, Farhat.


Even an "eternified" scorpion can give way to the wear and tear of the years. In fact, the effect of a spell of immortality is starting to wear off on him. He must renew the spell, or face imminent death. Farhat and his friends undertake a difficult journey toward Zenem’s tower, pursued by the villains, in which they succeed in finding the ancient formula of immortality that prescribes searching for a certain rose located in the heart of a most arid place known as Ar Rimal.

To bring to water the rose would require a fresh rain shower. This task apparently appeared impossible, but an apparition of Dolunai reminded Farhat that the desert rose is in fact a stone. Our friends attempt to retrieve the rose, but how will they ever be able to bring about a fresh rain shower to a place where not even one drop of rain had ever fallen for as long as any one could remember?

With a grand strategy, Farhat succeeds in bringing about rain by way of Egokhan, saving Wings's life. Meanwhile, Ben has hit his head during a clash.




  • Queen Dolunai


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