A Bitter Disappointment is the fourteenth episode of the first season of the animated series, Sissi: The Young Empress. It was released on March 13, 2016.


The Prater hosts an equestrian show and everyone prepares to participate. Sissi is excited because he was first engaged with Franz on the night and will see him again after their first kiss. Nenè is happy because, during the exhibition, Gregorios is coming from Greece, a guy that she knew him during his trip.


The Prater houses a horse show and everyone is preparing to attend. Sissi is excited because the evening before she finally gets engaged to Franz and they will meet again after their first kiss. Nenè is happy because, on the occasion of the show, Gregorios, a young man from Greece is coming which she has met during her journey, but their meeting reserves her a really unexpected surprise.

Sofia is furious and angry, because this time, she will not be the sponsor of the show, but now Sissi will be the future empress! She is already plotting something to prevent it from happening. Also Lulu gets angry from some days that Nut avoids her and the pretty squirrel wants to discover the reason, with the help of the pigeon, Mercury. Franz is agitated, asking for help to his trusted valet Philipp, the boy who does not remember his engagement with Sissi, nor his love for her, but he does not want to talk with anyone, even at the cost of seeming strange and indifferent.

Especially for Sissi, who was expecting much more from their first day of engagement. At the show, she, with the help of her animal friends and the magic bracelet, helps Niall, a beautiful colt, from a dynasty of champions, who is going to be sold and separated forever from his parents, Wind and Storm. Niall, disappointing the expectations of all, decides to lose the race and do the rebellious thing not to be sold. Sissi, before returning to Possenhofen, asks Franz to meet in their favorite place. The girl does not know that she risks of waiting for him in vain, because of him, being a victim of magic, forgets the gazebo on the lake shore.

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